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Urbann – Ultra modern timber frame garden rooms, garden office and contemporary residential extensions to the UK market in stunning new architectural designs.
Urbann are garden room and garden office design and build specialists based in Newcastle upon Tyne but cover the whole of the UK, in addition to our stunning designs we offer a bespoke design service where we will design and build garden rooms/ garden offices or residential extension to your specification. Our architectural designers will design the structure with you on a one to one basis, produce drawings and images to show you the garden room, agree a final design and liase with the planners to ensure compliance and approval.
Garden rooms options are now an integral part of the family home, separating home life from your working environment is essential for efficient working practices.

Although Urbann are based in the North East of England, we cover the whole of the UK
The garden rooms are built in our workshop and delivered to site to make the installation time as short as possible.
Garden rooms are becoming more and more common as UK employers allow their staff to work from home for a substantial part of the working week.
Keeping the home working environment separate to the home is a real priority for many family members, each super insulated stand alone garden room brings peace and quiet alongside a luxurious finish to make it actually enjoyable to work from home.

Urbann’s aim is to bring some of the world’s most critically acclaimed architecture, both residential and commercial to the garden rooms market. Our contemporary designs are meant to raise the bar for garden rooms in the UK and make the space something which will wow customers and be a magnificent addition to the property itself.
Our designs have four main size categories from a single office / square pod working space to large 10m by 6m garden rooms with kitchen, dining and entertainment area.
The larger garden rooms can be used as living accommodation for family members and we can redesign any of our structures to suit.

Throughout the build of the garden rooms, your project manager will be by your side to answer any questions you may have, communication is the most vital part of any build. So many times we hear about clients who seem to have been kept in the dark throughout residential builds, we cannot understand this. We agree upfront with clients how much contact they require, some clients are quite happy to leave it to us once the design is signed off and an installation date agreed, some clients want daily or bi-daily contact so they are confident every aspect is being covered, we are great with that option too.

Urbann specialise in timber frame living spaces to the UK market, built in the North East of England to the highest of industry standards. Urbann’s garden offices Newcastle workshop provides a bespoke design service and we design and build Garden rooms and garden offices right across the UK. We also have an extensive range of Garden rooms Newcastle based but supply the whole of the UK, our range includes rooms for entertainment through to actual living and sleeping studios built to luxury standards.

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Cuba garden office is our smallest garden office measuring 3m by 3m by 2.4m high.

Cuba is designed for a single worker where only a small seperate space is required, this garden office gives you room for a desk and cabinets/shelving but does give great light through the large floor to ceiling front window.

Ideally suited for a garden where space is limited or where there is no real need for excessive wasted space.

Gorgeous contemporary design in red cedar strips with 6mm spacings, other finishes are available such as metal rainscreen cladding but prices will vary.
The huge picture window allows lots of light into the space and really shows off those good looks of the thin red cedar strips and low profile aluminium windows. The sleek minimalist interior adds to the look in what we feel is an extremely attractive small office space. You can change the external finish of the Cuba to aluminium rainscreen or another decorative cladding material if required, we have lots of ideas and pictures of different finishes which we would be thrilled to go through with you.

We love it when a client really wants to push the boundaries on external finishes to make a super modern building design and we have lots of ideas ourselves.


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Java is part of our second largest range of garden rooms or garden offices depending on your requirements. The Java garden room incorporates ,more metal rainscreen cladding on the front elevation with the rest of the garden room being clad in open face red cedar strips with 6mm spacings, the top and side reveals on the front of the structure are angled at forty five degrees to give it a really crisp super modern look.

The Java is designed for a home office use with desk, storage and a small break out area to sit and relax with a coffee but it can be redesigned to what ever layout you require.
All the usual power points, LED lighting and underfloor heating are present to make it a great environment in which to work.
Large sliding doors allow lots of light in and with eye level windows to the sides, designed to be able to see outside when seated but giving a degree of privacy aswell, the design is smart and sleek.

The Java garden rooms design can be adapted in size to turn it into a living space, any of our designs can be altered to suit so if you like a design but would like larger dimensions that’s easier done.
Any of the finishes can be altered aswell from the colour of the rainscreen cladding to the wood we use, you can gave tongue and groove or open faced cedar or similar with small spacers between each piece, the choice is yours. Garden rooms are becoming more popular due to the flexibility they give to a homes space, whether its a home garden office or garden room it allows you to make your home work for you.

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The Amalfi is part of Urbann’s third largest of our garden room garden office range.

With its mix of red cedar strips and metal rainscreen cladding it will grace any garden area.
It has been designed to cater for either a garden room or garden office that can incorporate a kitchen area, dining and entertainment area.

The exact size can be changed to suit depending on your requirements, low level windows have been included so the view of the garden can be achieved when seated, watching television and full length windows incorporated into the opposite side of the wall for when you are dining or standing while entertaining.

A sleek white interior as standard with agreed power points and services.

The Amalfi mixes a sleek modern metal rainscreen cladding profile to the top and bottom facia with the red cedar open jointed panels, low profile aluminium windows and frameless windows finish the look off.

Superior 120mm insulation and Sarnafil 20 year guaranteed roof system make the Urbann garden room range a space exceeding current U-value regulations.


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The Portofino is part of Urbann’s third largest of our insulated garden room garden office range.
Internal space of 6m X 4m giving 24sqm of living/working space.
3m roof height.

Clad in aluminium rainscreen ( any colour ), its slick lines give it a super modern feel.
It has been designed to cater for either an insulated garden room or garden office, so you could run your business from there or alternatively use it as a relaxing entertainment space, as with all our designs, they can be reconfigured and re-designed to suit your needs.

The exact size can also be changed to suit depending on your requirements, patio or bi-folding doors to the front and sliding patio door to the side drag in the light, a high level apex window to the rear and small high level side window mean that the whole space is bathed in light.
The internal aspect of the covered decking area is in red cedar to contrast with the dark grey rainscreen cladding and matching window system.
The integrated decking area is 2m deep allowing a great outside space with cover incase the weathers not great..

A sleek white interior as standard with agreed power points and services.

The Portofino is all about its ribbed aluminium rainscreen cladding, giving it a contemporary barn feel, the extra roof height opens the space up and gives the insulated garden room a light and airy feel.

Superior 150mm insulation and aluminium rainscreen cladding to roof and walls make the Urbann insulated garden room range, a space exceeding current U-value regulations.

As with all Pod Space buildings, the new Eco Pod can be customised to meet your needs including your size and specification preferences.

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The Vermont insulated garden room is part of Urbann’s largest range of contemporary garden rooms and garden offices.

Based on North American lodge designs, the mix of red cedar strips and metal rainscreen cladding and large front glazing gives it a sleek modern look.
It has been designed to cater for both indoor and outdoor living with two feature fireplaces, the outdoor fireplace can incorporate a log burner and due to there only being an opening at the front of the Vermont insulated garden room it should stay nice and warm even during the winter months.

The Vermont insulated garden room has a kitchen, dining and entertainment area making it a superb entertaining area.

The external dimensions are 10.1m X 6.55m with internal living area of 6m X 5m and outside living area of 3.5m X 5m. The exact size can be changed to suit depending on your requirements as can the design, every Urbann design can have elements changed to suit your needs both on a design and function basis.
Floor to ceiling windows either side of the fireplace allow light to stream into the living area and a low level window has been included so the view of the garden can be achieved when seated, watching television. A regular height window has been included next to the kitchen area to allow a view into the garden when preparing food.
The front glazing is static but this can be changed to patio doors or bi-fold if required.

A sleek white interior as standard with agreed power points and services.

The Vermont insulated garden room is a real looker,mixing sleek modern metal rainscreen cladding profiles to the top and bottom facia with the red cedar tongue and groove panels, low profile aluminium windows and doors combined with frameless windows finish the look off.

Superior 150mm insulation and Sarnafil 20 year guaranteed roof system make the Urbann garden room range a space exceeding current U-value regulations.

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The California garden office garden room is part of our largest range of contemporary garden offices and garden rooms.

With its stunning concave face, sleek lines and huge sliding floor to ceiling doors it is a real head turner.
The California can be clad in many different finishes such as aluminium rainscreen , render or a variety of woods such as red cedar which gives a great array of different colours going through each piece.

The California garden room garden office is really an entertaining space, it can incorporate a kitchen, dining and television seating area due to its large width.

It can be used as a separate self contained living space rather than a garden room garden office and can be changed internally to accommodate a sleeping area to make it into a studio apartment.

Prices will vary depending on use and finish but the California is set to wow the garden room garden office marketplace.

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Stunning contemporary residential extensions

Urbann believe that residential extensions should add a wow factor to every home, gone are the days of brick and block extensions with uPVC windows and a poorly insulated conservatory roof. Urbann use timber frame with super insulated panels to improve the u values beyond the industry regulations and create a lovely warm modern space.

All our residential extensions are bespoke, we sit down with clients, discuss what the space should bring to the home and go about advising on options and designs from around the world aswell as the UK. We research the architectural world every day and have hundreds of pictures of architectural spaces that will inspire you in many different ways. Our Inspiration section on this website is designed to show you what is out there , to widen your thought process and push you to produce a living space that will wow you. Building with timber gives you superior insulation values but also the flexiblity to produce amazing architectural structures, it is becoming more and more popular in the UK, The US and Canadian markets have been using it for centuries. We will give you huge options on internal design, external finishes, window and door finishes and garden decking ideas to finish the look. Our ecomonies of scale on product purchasing reduces your costs and we can also deal with all planning and building regulations applications for you leaving it a complete hassle free turnkey option for you.

We believe that you will be recommending us to your friends and neighbours because we care about every build, about our reputation and about delivering excellence.

Bespoke Residential House Extensions

Urbann specialise in contemporary bespoke residential house extensions in Newcastle , Northumberland, Durham and Teesside. Urbann are specialist timber frame builders Newcastle based but covering the whole of the North East of England.
Urbann are builders Newcastle, specialising in timber frame which generally gives you better U values than conventional brick and block build, we build to 150mm insulation in the walls and roof which exceeds current government guidelines on insulation values. Timber allows us to construct stunning architectural extensions that will wow the customer. Urbann specialise in wood and metal rainscreen clad structures, giving a stunning finishing effect.
USA and Canada have built their houses from timber for centuries but surprisingly there are not many timber frame builders in the North East of England, we pride ourselves on professionalism, expertise, communication and aftercare.

House extensions that fall under the government stipulated dimensions do not need planning but will need a Building Regulations certificate, please see the link for the guidelines on permitted residential development, this will clearly show you if you have to go for full planning or just Building regulations.
Planning portal – Click here

Urbann can take care of all Planning or Building regulations for as part of our Turnkey package which means you don’t have to worry about anything, we will liase with you during the process to keep you fully informed on its progress.
Dialogue with Planning departments within the councils can be lengthy, tedious and frustrating, we have extensive experience on what works and what doesn’t when liasing with the council and this can help in achieving a successful outcome.

Our best marketing tools are our customers , if you are wowed by us you will tell people about us, that is the best selling tool we know and we want to keep it that way.
With regards to timber frame builders Newcastle and surrounding areas sees a shortage of qualified experienced builders and Urbann pride itself on leading the way in building contemporary house extensions for Newcastle and the North East.

***  Before setting off on your journey down the ” I want to extend my house ” road please take a look at our
” Important things to think about before planning a house extension” page, it is vital that you evaluate whether an extension makes both financial sense and common sense.

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Core Values

Urbann are committed to delivering excellence in our build, in our communication and our aftercare.

With every build comes an insurance backed 10 year structural guarantee, you receive a yearly call or email to make sure everything is as it should be.
We use the markets leading products on every garden room, garden office and residential extension.
Urbann have multiple cladding options for each garden room or residential extension, from red cedar strips to metal rainscreen cladding panels to coloured render.

We will guide you through all the options and source products for you if they are not in our list which is unlikely, we are passionate about what we do and enjoy researching new products and finishes as this will also expand our range and options to future clients.

Garden room design is our business, built in the UK from sustainable sources

Communication excellence

10 year insurance backed structural guarantee

Cutting edge architectural designs

Superb build efficiency

Turnkey product

Hassle free

Planning applications managed as part of package

Bespoke design option

Superior U values to conventional build

Huge finish range

Custom build

Professional Installation

Contemporary Designs

Bespoke Design Service

North East design and build - Worldwide architectural influences

Urbann take our inspiration from some of the worlds best architecture, both residential and commercial builds from around the globe have inspired our designs to push the boundary of the UK's garden room and Garden office marketplace.
We feel it is time to stop accepting the normal and strive for architectural excellence and precision, to bring super modern designs to the garden room market and make a really big positive impression on your day to day living experience.

We aren't super human but we are honest, straight forward, professional and always available to talk , whether you are a prospective client, an existing client or a past client.

We believe in transparency so throughout the build you will know about every single aspect of the build if this is your desire.

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