Why Urbann

The Garden Office Garden room market is expanding at a tremendous rate as families choose to stay in their current home and expand their available living space into the garden. This can be for many reasons, either to have a garden office to keep their work life away from the house, a garden room to expand their available entertaining space or a self contained garden studio apartment for an elderly relative or child who prefers to have some independence.If you are thinking of buying garden office garden room structures or residential extensions then you need to be confident that you have the right team behind you.

Whatever the reason, Urbann feel it is time that the garden office garden room market steps up to another level in design and functionality, our range will continue to expand as we have some great architectural ideas up our sleeve which we know you will love.

Bespoke design service

Every one of our sustainable contemporary garden office garden room designs can be altered to meet your requirements, our goal is to deliver a product that meets the demands of your business or family life with the minimum of disruption. If you are thinking of buying garden office garden room or residential extensions then our design team can even start from scratch and work with you to deliver a design that matches your vision, due to the way the garden offices or garden rooms are built, any design is possible really depending on your budget, our strength is contemporary structures, we do not do old fashioned dull structures, our vision is to produce garden rooms and garden offices that wow our customers and stand the test of time.

Super contemporary build credentials

All of Urbann's contemporary garden office garden room range are full of energy saving eco-friendly technology to ensure minimum energy waste, using sustainable products that don't have a negative impact on the enviroment. From solar power to green roof systems, Urbann feel that making your garden office or garden room as eco-friendly and cost conscious as possible is a priority.

Outstanding Design

Urbann's mission is to lead the garden office garden room market with its striking contemporary designs inspired from some of the worlds very best architecture. While the rectangular flat roof box design is a very nice sleek look, Urbann feel there should also be other more visionary designs available to choose from. Urbann's garden office garden room range allow you to be as creative as you want, choose one of our designs, choose one of our designs and tweak it to your vision or start from scratch and our designers will draft a design that puts your dream onto paper. Thinking of buying garden office garden room or a residential extension?, then make sure the company you work with has the same design focus as you have, Urbann are contemporary structure focussed, our aim is to produce stunning architectural structures without compromise.

Excellent Build Quality

With every Urbann contemporary design comes our build guarantee, due to the high quality of products we work with and the standard of our workmanship, we are confident every garden room or garden office we build is built to the highest of standards. With superior insulation values and rigid super structure, every garden room or garden office is built to last for decades to come giving you peace of mind that you only need to carry simple maintenance to keep them looking good for years to come.

Excellent Eco Credentials

Urbann like to use renewable energy wherever possible, superior thermal efficiency from super insulated 150mm  walls, energy saving glass and low energy heating and lighting systems are just some of the standard items that exist in every build, whether a garden room or garden office or a contemporary extension. Aswell as being good for the environment it saves money in the medium to long term too making it a win win.

Experienced professional installation team

With two of the company directors being part of the installation team, you are assured a professional efficient build. Urbann pride ourselves on being experts in our field of timber frame buildings and push ourselves to go beyond the norm. When you spend in excess of £20,00 on a garden office or room or more on an extension, you need to be happy you have the right team looking after you, most builders see themselves as contractors which means in its purest form they work on the opposite side to the client. Urbann are 100% client focused which means we work for you, not the other way round. We will communicate throughout the build reacting to any design changes you may have as we understand that ideas do change as the build progresses, while it does cause delays we understand that if it means you end up with a better final product then its always worth doing.

Our goal is to wow clients and receive business from referrals, if we do a great job then we know you will tell other people about it. Its our most effective marketing we can do.

If you are buying garden office garden room or residential extensions you need to make sure you have the right team alongside you, we believe Urbann are that team.

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